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The key to healthy, younger-looking skin is to establish good habits early in life that”ll prevent you from having to deal with the issue later on. Today I will tell you 5 Good habits which will be very good for your skin.


1. Drinking-Water

Drink tons of water is not only the most basic skincare habit but a key habit for maintaining general physical health as well. The cells in our body are mostly made up of water and water plays a critical role in maintaining physiological balance.
If you drink 8 glasses of water in 1 day, then your skin is hydrated and bright so we should drink 8 glasses of water daily.

2. Sleep pattern


We all must get 8 hours of sleep, sleep is very important, So we should not sleep late, due to late sleep, we get dark circles and skin starts to look tried, and our health also deteriorates. Therefore we must sleep for 8 hours.

3. Don’t touch the face

If we keep touching the face, repeatedly, the chance of getting a pimple on it increases. This is why we should touch our face as little as possible, either by washing the hand and touching it.

4. Pillow cover

A Pillow which we all keep under the head while sleeping, but on this pillow, we keep the head on the cover and we also keep our face. So the natural oil in the head and is dirt comes on the face and we have acne and pimples, then we should change the daily pillow cover.

5. Mobile screen


Mobile screen when we use the phone throughout the day, then after doing it, we put the phone on the bed and table. So the dirt comes on it, touching the phone repeatedly brings germs to the mobile screen, then when we call. So at that time the mobile screen touches our face and from this we also get a pimple, and itching starts happening, so we have the Mobile screen should clean daily before and after use with any wipes.
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